The Roots

• Kawatoshi is deeply focused on design,
finance, develop and manage projects that
are environmentally responsible, generates
a formal workforce, reduces inequalities,
and encourage innovation and creativity.
• On September 25th, 2015, world leaders
adopted a set of global objectives to eradicate
poverty, protect the planet and ensure
prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable
development agenda. The Sustainable
Development Goals are a call for action by all
to promote prosperity while protecting the

Business Focus



Crypto-exchange software development, OTC’s, Smart contract development, NFTs development projects for the real-state, art, and other related industries.


Data Processing Centers

Providing outsource high capacity data processing solutions, using as energy source renewable energy (hydro) and the first to use electromagnetic energy as prime source.


Clean and Renewable Energy Projects

Energy projects: exclusive supplier of Electromagnetic Energy to those industries and institutions that are focused on affordable and clean energy, which by the way is a sustainable development goal #7.


Investment Funds

Providing high yield investment programs directly related to high-tech and innovative activities.

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Investments Geo-Location:

Currently, Kawatoshi’s investments are given in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras. There are plans to expand investments projects in Estonia, Slovenia and Croatia.


Legal Security

Currently, all Kawatoshi’s economic activities are executed in Guatemala by OrganiKa Tech, S.A., Blockchain Center, S.A. and Tecnología y Recursos Orgánicos, S.A., all 100% Guatemalan based companies.


High Capacity Data Processing Centers - HCDPC

Through an exclusive service contract with OrganiKa Tech, S.A. based in Guatemala, Kawatoshi provides third party high capacity data processing services that ables to run and execute all the software developed by the Blockchain Investment services and to its customers.


Clean and Renewable Energy

Exclusive representation for HS-PRO© technology, which is clean and renewable generation hardware that produces Electromagnetic Energy and Green Hydrogen, that can supply from 100kW up to 1gW of independent energy and power to industries, institutions and communities focused in environmental welfare, which, is in pro for the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the UN.


Investment Funds

Kawatoshi provides high yield investment programs to its customers, specialized in placing investments in high-tech projects such as blockchain software development and high capacity data processing centers. Investors are entrepreneurs associated with high tech business and aware of the innovation technology worldwide development.

blockchain investment

Blockchain Investments

Kawatoshi has an exclusive developing software contract with Blockchain Center, S.A.; a high-tech software developing company based in Guatemala, where different projects are executed to solve our customers needs, for example:

  • Smart contracts
  • Smart trading platforms
  • Smart over the counter services
  • Smart exchange services
  • Smart payment, collection and exchange (for companies in El Salvador)
  • NFT’s for funding real-state projects, art, science, etc.

HCDPC: Co-Mining Project

Investors are welcome to invest in the crypto mining industry with the advantages of:

  • Immediate purchase of specialized hardware.
  • Prompt plug and run in specialized and secure facilities.
  • High yield return on investments.
  • Profits are in crypto, can be converted to FIAT at any time and wire transferred as per investor’s instructions.
  • ROI +->15%, Payback: 9-11 months

Contact Information

  • Miami Head Office:
    55 SE 6th Street; Unit 1910;
    Miami, FL 33131, USA.
  • Guatemala Rep. Office:
    16 CALLE 4-53 ZONA 10, EDIF. MARBELLA OF 4C,
    Guatemala City, Guatemala 01010
    +(502) 2327 5411